No Objection Cafe.

Looking to try something new?
Head up to @noobjectioncafe to try up their yummy menu.Where? No Objection Cafe


1. Fruit Kheer – Remix of cranberries and blueberries mixed with the yummy kheer. Beautiful aroma and taste. Perfectly made with dry fruits and mild sweetness.

2. Manopy Pie – This was a beautiful creamy jar full of yummy flavours. Mix of crushed biscuits in the bottom and a flavour of bananas with whipped cream on top.

Ambience is awesome! And the food quality is totally worth the money. Service is really nice. Overall a beautiful place to chill up.

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Chinese Food

Looking for some authentic chinese food? Your search ends up at @reddragon.patiala, they make some of the best and yummiest chinese cuisine available in the city!

(1) Chilly Chicken – Boneless peices of chicken prepared with a great touch of chinese flavours, a great combination of different flavours. Totally loved it!

(2) Chicken Momos – Filled with a flavourful and yummy chicken filling inside, served with spicy chutny which makes it the perfect momos!

Where? – Red Dragon @reddragon.patiala .

Ambience ✔️
Food quality ✔️
Service quality ✔️

Royal Nutrition House

Looking for a yummy and a healthy meal?

@royalnutritionhouse is now open in Patiala to serve you tasty and healthy meals all at the same time!!

What? – Paneer Quonia Salad

Full of different flavours and the soft paneer which makes it a perfect dish for the health-geeks. Presentation is lovely which makes you just grab a spoon and start eating! Go get your healthy meals right now at @royalnutritionhouse !


Burger Lover? 😍

Wanna try a great burger in a limited budget? .
Your search ends up at @bostonbitesindia , they make some of the best burgers in the city!

What? – Paneer Tikka Burger.

Filled up with many different flavoured sauces, bun was really soft. Serving quality is awesome! Presentation is really good, just a look is enough to drool over! Worth a try!

Ambience ✅
Service Quality ✅
Food Quality ✅

Totally recommended. 10/10